Official website of the IDC-World Championship 2008 in Judenburg/Austria

23th -25th May 2008

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Welcome to the website of the IDC-World Championship 2008!


On this site you can find all necessary information in order to have a pleasant stay during this world championship.
This starts already with your arrival. Of course you can find a route planner which will help you to find the best route. Besides you can find accommodation service, places of interest and recommendable restaurants in the region. There also will be information about the stadium, the blinds, the hurdles and the dumbbells. As well will figurants and judges introduced to you shortly in word and vision.
We hope with all this information you will be able to have a successful and interesting world championship.
We, the Austrian Doberman club, who are lining up this world championship, wish all participants lots of success and happy hours with us in Austria.




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